About Us

Cedrics® Gold Award Winning Somerset Cider & Apple Cake was originally made by Cedrics Mother‐in‐Law Mary Kick (born 1920) in her early years of cooking and that’s the way we make this wonderful cake the way she made it all those years ago. There is no other cake on the market that originated and is still made in Misterton Somerset.

We have bin yer sinze 1957 making and baking!

In 2012 Her Majesty the Queen was presented one of the rich, sweet and moist cakes, the very essence of Somerset at it’s best.

Cedrics® in 2016 we were awarded a prestigious Silver Online retailer award for our post a cake. 

Our Awards
Taste of the West 2020  We were awarded Champion, 3 Gold & 1 Silver
Champion & Gold for our Hot Sweet Pickle Relish
Gold Award Winning Damson & Port Jam
Gold Award Winning Sparkling Beekeepers Marmalade Cider 
Silver Award Winning Medlar & Cider Jelly


Taste of the West 2019  We were awarded 2 Gold, 1 Silver & 2 Commended
Gold Award Winning Beekeepers Orange, Honey and Almond Cake
Gold Award Winning Beekeepers Marmalade Cider made from our champion Beekeepers Marmalade
Silver Award Winning Plum, lemon and Honey Jam 
Commended Medlar Jelly 
Commended Apple and gooseberry Chutney 

Taste of the West 2018  We were awarded Champion, 1 Gold & 2 Commended
Champion & Gold for our Beekeepers Marmalade
Highly Commended for our Sloe Gin Jelly
Highly commended for our Carrot & Orange Cake

Taste of the West 2017
We were awarded 1 Gold, 2 Silver & 1 Highly Commended

Taste of the West 2016
We were awarded 2 silver & 1 Highly commended
Online Retailer Silver award

Taste of the West 2015
We were awarded 1 Gold, 3 Highly Commended.

Taste of the West 2014
We were awarded 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Taste of the West 2013
We were awarded 2 Gold, 2 Silver & 1 Bronze

Taste of the West 2012
We were awarded 1 Silver & 1 Bronze