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Fig Time at Cedrics in Somerset

Autumn is here and with it, brings a harvest of plump, jewel coloured figs warmed by the late sun. 
Cedrics Fig & Raspberry Jam Our ‘Taste of the West’ 2022 Silver Award Winner. A traditional Raspberry jam with a twist of figs.
We complement their rich, depth of flavour with vibrant, juicy raspberries to create a jam for you to enjoy on warm, crusty bread. A real autumn treat.  A fan of homebaking? Try our Fig and Raspberry jam nestled in a crisp, almond bakewell tart for a seasonal twist.  
Cedrics Fig Chutney Our ‘Taste of the West’ 2022 Silver Award Winner 
A wonderful chutney made with fresh figs! 
Remember your cheeseboard deserves the best and simply wouldn't be the same without our fig chutney. It's rich depth of comforting spices compliments creamy cheeses such as Bagborough brie and Eve.

Our chutney also makes a delicious condiment for a hearty, warming meal alongside Roast pork. A particular favourite!
We are delighted to have achieved 3 Gold Awards and 3 Silver Awards in this very special year! We hope you will enjoy them as much as Taste of the West did!